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Re: Libffi merge [Was Re: [patch] powerpc libffi Net/FreeBSD ]

On Wed, Jun 03, 2009 at 10:39:56AM +0100, Andrew Haley wrote:
> My first wodge of changes will be only the substantive differences
> in the library itself: later I'll get to the testsuite and the rest.
> To begin with, I'm just going to update upstream libffi with the gcc
> changes, and then see how much difference there is.  I'm guessing not
> much.
> Questions for Anthony Green:
> 1.  I don't understand the libffi version numbers.  Can you give
> me any explanations?  It seems to be 3.0.8 upstream but 2.1 in gcc,
> but this doesn't seem in any way to correspond with reality.
> 2.  What's with the ChangeLog.libffi and ChangeLog.libgcj files?
> Thanks,
> Andrew.

    Has there been any code exchange between the upstream libffi and
the forked libffi that PyObjC uses? I was told the following by Bill Bumgarner
at Apple a couple years back....

>> So... long story short.
>> About 10 years ago, PyObjC forked libffi for use in the PyObjC
>> project.  I don't remember exactly why it was forked, but forked it was.
>> The PyOBjC version of libffi has been maintained over the years,
>> specifically targeted to Mac OS X.   In the past year, it got quite a
>> bit of attention both to support the 64 bit variants of Mac OS X and
>> quite a bit of cleanup work (new testing infrastructure, man pages,
>> etc.etc.etc).   It also grew an Xcode project.
>> I would be perfectly happy to see all the changes folded back into the
>> FSF/GCC community version (as long as the license remains liberal --
>> but we can fork it at the point of change, if it ever changes) and no
>> longer have a forked version for PyObjC.
>> But none of us have the time to fold together the decade+ of forked
>> development.    At this point, the most likely path forward is to drop
>> the PyObjC version of FFI back into the PyObjC repository.   It will,
>> at least, be widely accessible again.
>> b.bum

...regarding the origin of the files at...


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