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Re: [PATCH] Pass -mtune and -march options to assembler.

Mark Mitchell <> wrote:
So, fix the assembler. The ARM assembler reads .march directives from the .s file, so that should provide some useful examples.

I am not guru in GNU AS. I am not guru in GCC. This is my first patch.
May be later...

You're treating GAS as an immovable target, but it's not -- we can change it.

Not an immovable, but slow movable. Step by step. First step - create
GCC - AS interface for optimization options. Second step - sync cpu-type
options. Third - add optimizations to AS, that impossible to do on GCC level. Then add .tune directive. And so on...

Every big project, especially community-project, have to be very conservative. Many small step changes better then one global change.
Because big change results many bugs and a lot of headache for users
and developers. It's required very serious reason for global change.

Optimization in the linker makes sense; the linker has more
information than the compiler/assembler.

Right, but one note - it's required some control for enable/disable optimization on some code fragments (for human-optimized assembler routines).

Vladimir Volynsky
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