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Re: libffi merge

Anthony Green wrote:
> Andrew Haley wrote:
>> A big chunk of the
>> formatting diffs are now due to this change:
>> 2008-02-14  Anthony Green  <>
>>         * Bump version to 2.99.7.
>>         * configure, doc/stamp-vti, doc/version.texi: Rebuilt.
>>         * include/ LICENSE src/debug.c src/closures.c
>>           src/ffitest.c src/s390/sysv.S src/s390/ffitarget.h
>>           src/types.c src/m68k/ffitarget.h src/raw_api.c src/frv/ffi.c
>>           src/frv/ffitarget.h src/sh/ffi.c src/sh/sysv.S
>>           src/sh/ffitarget.h src/powerpc/ffitarget.h src/pa/ffi.c
>>           src/pa/ffitarget.h src/pa/linux.S src/java_raw_api.c
>>           src/cris/ffitarget.h src/x86/ffi.c src/x86/sysv.S
>>           src/x86/unix64.S src/x86/win32.S src/x86/ffitarget.h
>>           src/x86/ffi64.c src/x86/darwin.S src/ia64/ffi.c
>>           src/ia64/ffitarget.h src/ia64/ia64_flags.h src/ia64/unix.S
>>           src/sparc/ffi.c src/sparc/v9.S src/sparc/ffitarget.h
>>           src/sparc/v8.S src/alpha/ffi.c src/alpha/ffitarget.h
>>           src/alpha/osf.S src/sh64/ffi.c src/sh64/sysv.S
>>           src/sh64/ffitarget.h src/mips/ffi.c src/mips/ffitarget.h
>>           src/mips/n32.S src/mips/o32.S src/arm/ffi.c src/arm/sysv.S
>>           src/arm/ffitarget.h src/prep_cif.c: Update license text.
>> This change isn't in gcc's libffi, but I don't know why.  Anthony?

> No particular reason.   I haven't done a libffi to gcc merge since
> cleaning this up.  Do you want me to do this patch now, or is it easier
> for you to bring it over?

Let me do it, I was just a bit baffled.


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