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Re: Libffi merge [Was Re: [patch] powerpc libffi Net/FreeBSD ]

Andrew Haley wrote:

Questions for Anthony Green:

1. I don't understand the libffi version numbers. Can you give
me any explanations? It seems to be 3.0.8 upstream but 2.1 in gcc,
but this doesn't seem in any way to correspond with reality.
Configury like this just hasn't been merged back into GCC. The version number in GCC is mostly irrelevant as GCC doesn't install libffi; it is simply incorporated in its entirety into libgcj. Ideally the configury should be merged, but as you've no doubt discovered, this isn't a simple task. If you think we should update selected parts of the configury in GCC then I can do that.

2. What's with the ChangeLog.libffi and ChangeLog.libgcj files?

ChangeLog.libgcj goes back to when libffi was first packaged with libgcj. It shouldn't be used anymore. See gcc/zlib/ChangeLog.gcj for something similar.

ChangeLog.libffi are changes that have been made manually to libffi outside of the GCC tree. It's reasonable to delete entries from ChangeLog.libffi as they are committed to GCC and merged back into libffi.


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