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[0/8] AIX cross toolchains

This series of patches adds support for AIX-targetted cross toolchains.
As with other cross toolchains for "hosted" systems, the assumption is
that you have an AIX sysroot available and are using --with-sysroot to
point to it.  (This assumption also implicitly requires GNU ld, with its
support for --sysroot.)

Until recently, binutils could not build working AIX shared libraries,
so the patches only work with a CVS copy of binutils.  And because of
the binutils problems, current libtool doesn't let you try to use
binutils to build AIX shared libraries; it will always switch to
static libraries instead.  The following patches remove this

The patches haven't been accepted, so you'll need to apply them locally
and then regenerate each configure script.

All patches were tested by:

  - A native bootstrap on powerpc-ibm-aix6.1 using binutils, with a hack
    to disable the stuff in config/mh-ppc-aix.  Test flags: {,-pthread}.
    (I couldn't test for -maix64 for reasons explained in patch 8.)

  - A native boostrap on x86_64-linux-gnu.  Test flags: {,-m32}.

  - A cross build and cross test from x86_64-linux-gnu to
    powerpc-ibm-aix6.1.  Test flags: {,-pthread}{,-maix64}.

The patches are covered by the IBM copyright assignment.


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