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Re: [PATCH] Add comparison operators for vector types

On Jun 1, 2009, at 6:40 AM, Joseph S. Myers wrote:

On Fri, 29 May 2009, Andrew Pinski wrote:

 The C/C++ Language extension for the Cell defines the comparison
operators for vectors.  The result of these operators is a single
boolean value representing the bitwise AND of all pairwise
comparisons.  This patch adds support for these operators and a
testcase to test them for both C and C++.

Defining both == and != in this way (so that (v != 0) is not necessarily
the same as !(v == 0)) certainly seems strange, and leads to the question
of whether it is v != 0 or !(v == 0) that determines the truthvalue of v
when used in a boolean context (do these language extensions allow vectors
to be used in such a context?).

The general model used for the generic vector extensions is C++ valarray,
which returns valarray<bool> for these operations. Since comparisons in C
return int not bool, this might suggest valarray<int> for C; bearing in
mind that vectors of the given number of bools or ints may not exist in
hardware, the OpenCL approach of returning a vector of the same size as
the inputs seems reasonable, even if the choice of -1 for true elements
seems odd in language design terms.

-1 is definitely different, but it is also somewhat consistent: it is just a sign extended bool. This matches many existing popular vector ISAs quite well.


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