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Re: [Patch, Fortran] Replace intmax_type_node by INTMAX_TYPE

On Sat, 30 May 2009, FX wrote:
>> FX's patch to use stdint.h has caused 18 regressions on FreeBSD, 
>> because GCC apparently does not recognize that FreeBSD has a perfectly 
>> fine /usr/include/stdint.h.
> I think it's unfair to Joseph to criticize him for providing that, 
> unless you have a constructive alternative to propose ("patches are 
> reviewed on the basis of their technical merit").

If anything, FreeBSD developers/users could be criticized for not
getting their act together and taking better care of FreeBSD support
in GCC.

> Regarding the patch: I don't think this patch should introduce any
> new failure, as on targets such as FreeBSD the middle-end defaults 
> (gcc/defaults.h) are the same as the definition we used in the 
> front-end.

What I find comparing the snapshot from two days ago
with my currently testing patch with stdint.h support on FreeBSD is
that we go from

  # of expected passes		30253
  # of unexpected failures	19
  # of expected failures	20
  # of unsupported tests	242


  # of expected passes		30303
  # of unexpected failures	1
  # of expected failures	20
  # of unsupported tests	250

as far as Fortran is concerned.  My tests are still running, but expect
to see a working patch being submitted in a few hours. :-)


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