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Re: [patch mingw]: Adds for mingw targets the EH thread code to libgcc

2009/5/31 Danny Smith <>:
> On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 9:40 PM, Kai Tietz <> wrote:
>> 2009/5/28 Dave Korn <>:
>>> Kai Tietz wrote:
>>>> I tested this patch for i686-pc-cygwin and for i686-pc-mingw32 (by
>>>>'s runtime).
>>>> Is this patch ok for apply, or are there any further suggestions, or any
>>>> objectives?
>>> ?No objections. ?I think that:
>>>> ? ? ? ? * gthr-win32.h (MINGW32_SUPPORTS_MT_EH): Define
>>>> ? ? ? ? it for targets defining _WIN32 but not __CYGWIN__.
>>> ... you don't really need to worry too much about this angle. ?We don't
>>> support win32 threads on Cygwin, only --enable-threads=posix is important to us.
>>> ? ?cheers,
>>> ? ? ?DaveK
>> Ok, I applied it. As we have now mthreads support in shared libgcc, we
>> should deprecate the -mthreads option, or we should change spec files
>> here and avoid the linking of libmingwthrd.a at all. If we do so, we
>> need to add the definition of _CRT_MT for static libgcc, too.
>> Danny, what's your opinion about this?
> That would break ?multiple thread support for the case of static
> libgcc, which is still the default configuartion for mingw32.
> There were discussions about this on the mingw32 list awhile ago, and
> the consensus was that breaking static libgcc usage was ?not nice.\\
> Danny

Well, I see what you mean. But  multithreading support for static
libgcc in context of exception handling is broken, so the only way for
supporting mt is the way via shared libgcc, isn't it?


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