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Re: [Patch, Fortran] Replace intmax_type_node by INTMAX_TYPE

FX's patch to use stdint.h has caused 18 regressions
on FreeBSD, because GCC apparently does not recognize
that FreeBSD has a perfectly fine /usr/include/stdint.h.
The second part of that statement is wrong. Not matter-of-opinion wrong, but factually wrong. GCC does not try to "recognize" system headers such as stdint.h (such a scheme would not work in the general case, including cross-compilation for example).

New functionality was added to GCC-4.5, requiring an extra bit of target information. There is no other way this information could have "guessed"; Joseph's infrastructure does the job, and it necessarily needs some well-informed input for targets. It is necessary for C99 and F2003 conformance, and I am thankful that he did that job (my two previous attemps at it were failures). I think it's unfair to Joseph to criticize him for providing that, unless you have a constructive alternative to propose ("patches are reviewed on the basis of their technical merit").

I'm not too thrilled with rushing head long into possible
additional regressions until someone with sufficient
knowledge fixes the current set of regressions.
Regarding the patch: I don't think this patch should introduce any new failure, as on targets such as FreeBSD the middle-end defaults (gcc/ defaults.h) are the same as the definition we used in the front-end.


PS: I am sure you're aware that Gerald Pfeifer is putting up together a patch to add the needed information ( ).

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