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Re: PATCH RFA: Improve -Wcast-qual warning for C

On Mon, 25 May 2009, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

> As discussed at , the
> C++ compiler issues more warnings for -Wcast-qual than the C compiler
> does.  After a bit of further discussion on IRC, I think the general
> consensus is that the C compiler should issue warnings about unsafe
> casts much as the C++ compiler does.  Recall that this is only when
> using -Wcast-qual, and that -Wcast-qual is not part of -Wall.
> The first patch in this message implements the appropriate warnings.
> This patch requires approval from the C frontend maintainers.

I do not believe this is implementing the correct semantics.

The requirement for safety in multi-level casts is not that the final 
qualifier appears at the intermediate levels, it is that "const" appears 
at all levels before any level at which a qualifier is added; that is, if 
the C++ rules would permit a qualification conversion with that sequence 
of qualifiers.  The example

f5 (char ***bar)
  volatile char * const * const * p19 = bar;

is accepted by the C++ front end as this is a safe implicit conversion, as 
is the version with a cast when using -Wcast-qual.

I think you should also add a C++ testcase that is essentially identical 
to the C one to verify that the same semantics are being followed for the 
option by both front ends.

Joseph S. Myers

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