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[PATCH 0/3] Resubmission of new implementation of SRA


This is hopefully the final version of intraprocedural SRA, addressing
all some  comments from Richi's (some  of which were sent  only to me,
but they are all minor).  The previous post is here:

The biggest difference is  that auxiliary statements generated to turn
complex number and vector  replacements which are not gimple registers
into registers are created  by force_gimple_operand_gsi rather than by
functions of my own.

Most  notably, some  unnecessary  complex typecasting  is removed  and
complex numbers which  participate in an assignment into  one of their
components are dealt with by simply not making them a gimple register.

The first  patch is the  new implementation itself.  The  second patch
removes SRA parameters which are  no longer used and the third adjusts
the testsuite and adds new testcases.

The whole  patch set  bootstraps on x86_64-linux-gnu  (including Ada),
and i586-suse-linux.   There are no  new regressions on both  of these

So, OK for trunk?



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