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[patch mingw]: Adds for mingw targets the EH thread code to libgcc


I want to add to libgcc the functionality of the EH thread cleanup code 
(at the moment done by a specific dll in's runtime - 
mingwthrd.a). As we now support shared version of libgcc for mingw 
targets, it makes IMHO sense to put this code in libgcc itself. IIRC Aaron 
planed such a patch some time ago, too. But as we are now still in Stage 
1, this feature would be fine to be added now. The only question is about 
the _CRT_MT variable used here by's runtime. IMHO we could add 
it to libgcc, or dismiss it completely. I am open-minded about 

I tested this patch for i686-pc-cygwin and for i686-pc-mingw32 (by's runtime).


2009-05-28  Kai Tietz  <>

        * config/i386/mingw-tls.c: New file.
        * config/i386/t-gthr-win32 (LIB2FUNCS_EXTRA): Add
        mingw-tls.c file.
        * gthr-win32.h (MINGW32_SUPPORTS_MT_EH): Define
        it for targets defining _WIN32 but not __CYGWIN__.

Is this patch ok for apply, or are there any further suggestions, or any 


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