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Re: [gcc-in-cxx] Revert adding newlines for semicolon in loops

Tom Tromey <> writes:

>>>>>> "Ian" == Ian Lance Taylor <> writes:
> Ian> g++ no longer warns about an empty loop with no whitespace between the
> Ian> loop statement and the semicolon.  I committed this patch to the
> Ian> gcc-in-cxx branch to revert cases where a newline had been added to
> Ian> avoid the g++ warning.
> Ian> -	for (n = 0, e = rdg->vertices[i].succ; e; e = e->succ_next, n++)
> Ian> -	  ;
> Ian> +	for (n = 0, e = rdg->vertices[i].succ; e; e = e->succ_next, n++);
> FWIW, I find the variant with the newline much more readable.
> The trailing semicolon is too easy to overlook.
> How about leaving the newline and declaring this the GCC style?

I agree that the newline is more readable, and I agree that it is bad
style to not have a newline.  I just didn't want to keep the diffs on
the gcc-in-cxx branch when they are unrelated to the purpose of the
branch.  If anybody wants to pick up this patch and test it on mainline,
I'll approve it.


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