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Re: [PATCH]: Integrate gfortran with MPC

On Wed, 20 May 2009, Kaveh R. Ghazi wrote:

> Yes, I think I did misread it, I'll go back and recheck.  However I may have
> done it "right" anyway.  I was careful to preserve the existing calls to
> gfc_set_model_kind() before using either MPC or MPFR.  So if those calls set
> the right default precision, then my code will use it too.


I reviewed the code again.  In all cases, the lines which evaluate complex
transcendentals (either using MPFR or MPC) are preceeded by the set_model
calls.  I see gfc_set_model_kind() in the complex cos, exp and log
simplifiers.  I see gfc_set_model() calls in the sin and sqrt ones.
Either set_model function will set the default precision prior to the
evaluation.  I don't know why previously it was chosen to use *_kind or
not, but as I observed before the MPFR hand-rolled code in there uses the
default precisions set by these calls, and so I don't think any new
problems are introduced by the MPC variation.  There may be existing bugs
in the design though.

I inserted some code to print the default precision, and the precision of
both real/imag of the input and output.  I then ran the testcases from the
fortran directory that exercise this code path.  In all cases the five
precisions were the same, they matched either 24 or 53.  So it seems
consistent throughout and safe to use the default for the intermediate

I realize these testcases aren't particularly comprehensive.  E.g. you
hinted at a "mixed mode" in fortran, does this mean the real and imaginary
parts can have different precisions?  If so, it seems that there is an
existing precision problem in fortran that needs to be fixed.  Perhaps the
intermediate precision needs to be MAX(re,im), or maybe even

If not, then I suggest my original patch is correct.  Either way, when
you're free of your conference, please let me know how I should proceed.
I would very much appreciate your further feedback.


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