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[cygwin patch] Enable Support for __float128 (TFmode) IEEE quad type

This patch enables support for the __float128 (TFmode) IEEE quad type in
libgcc on cygwin.  It uses the same approach as for IA-32 on darwin.

With this patch the tests gcc.dg/torture/fp-int-convert-float128*.c pass
on cygwin.  Previously the tests failed to link.  See:

OK for trunk, then 4.4.

2009-05-21 David Billinghurst <>

* config.gcc: Enable support for the __float128 (TFmode) for i?86-*-cygwin.

* Enable support for the __float128 (TFmode) for i?86-*-cygwin.

Index: gcc/config.gcc =================================================================== --- gcc/config.gcc (revision 147701) +++ gcc/config.gcc (working copy) @@ -1267,7 +1267,7 @@ else tmake_eh_file="i386/t-sjlj-eh" fi - tmake_file="${tmake_file} ${tmake_eh_file} i386/t-cygming i386/t-cygwin" + tmake_file="${tmake_file} ${tmake_eh_file} i386/t-cygming i386/t-cygwin i386/t-fprules-softfp soft-fp/t-softfp" target_gtfiles="\$(srcdir)/config/i386/winnt.c" extra_options="${extra_options} i386/cygming.opt" extra_objs="winnt.o winnt-stubs.o"

Index: libgcc/
--- libgcc/  (revision 147701)
+++ libgcc/  (working copy)
@@ -323,8 +323,12 @@
-i[34567]86-*-cygwin* | i[34567]86-*-mingw*)
        extra_parts="crtbegin.o crtend.o crtfastmath.o"
+       tmake_file="i386/t-cygming i386/t-crtfm t-softfp i386/${host_address}/t-fprules-softfp"
+       ;;
+       extra_parts="crtbegin.o crtend.o crtfastmath.o"
        tmake_file="i386/t-cygming i386/t-crtfm"

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