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Re: PATCH RFA: Use $(COMPILER) to build objects

On Wed, 20 May 2009, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

> This is a preliminary step toward supporting a configure option to build
> gcc using either a C compiler or a C++ compiler.  I think it would lead
> to long term confusion to use $(CC) in a Makefile to represent a C++
> compiler.  This patch instead arranges to compile all code using
> $(COMPILER).  CFLAGS changes to COMPILER_FLAGS and ALL_CFLAGS changes to
> ALL_COMPILERFLAGS.  The COMPILER make variable is currently always set
> to $(CC); my intent is that in the future, a configure option will
> permit it to be set to either $(CC) or $(CXX).
> This is a mechanical patch.  I'm sure there will be some details to
> clean up when we are ready to optionally set COMPILER to $(CXX).

In particular, I believe the command for compiling should be separated 
from the command used for linking, so that --with-host-libstdcxx will 
cause linking with the C compiler.  (There is no -static-libstdc++ option 
so you can't readily make the C++ compiler link with static libstdc++ when 

Joseph S. Myers

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