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Re: [PATCH, ARM] Don't copy uncopyable instructions in gcse.c

On Wed, May 20, 2009 at 09:56:28PM +0100, Julian Brown wrote:
> (I'm not sure what the side-effects of rewriting the
> pic_load_dot_plus_four implementation to allow being copied would be,
> hence not simply doing that. E.g. I'm not sure if references to the
> label it outputs are ever made from beyond the insn.)

The label is used from another insn.  See arm_load_pic_register.
The label has to be attached to the instruction that adds PC, but
the constant offset from the label to the GOT is in another
instruction.  Without making this a single RTL instruction I don't see
how to make it copyable.  Doesn't some other port have this

Using a single label per function would require an additional
instruction but might increase constant pool sharing.

> (*) Though there are surely many other places which can copy insns
> within the compiler, so this seems like a bit of a papering-over. I'm
> not sure why the problem is only coming to light now -- maybe these
> types of PIC reference are appearing much earlier in compilation than
> they used to?

Fallout from the expand-from-ssa changes maybe?  Michael had to fix up
a caller of arm_load_pic_register.  But really, I'm pretty sure we've
always put these in the instruction stream at expand time.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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