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Re: [Patch ARM] Turn on sibling calls for Thumb2.

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:

> FYI, Mark Mitchell tested an internal patch to do this last year, and
> discovered it broke early returns from functions that end in a tail
> call.  It was something to do with USE_RETURN_INSN, but we didn't
> get to the bottom of it at the time.

My notes say this:

> Unfortunately, the sibcall experiment failed.  The problem that occurs
> is that in a function that uses sibcalls, we don't generate proper
> return instructions elsewhere.  That's apparently because of:
> ;; Often the return insn will be the same as loading from memory, so set
> (define_insn "return"
>   [(return)]
>   "*
> and:
> /* Determine if the epilogue should be output as RTL.
>    You should override this if you define FUNCTION_EXTRA_EPILOGUE.  */
> /* This is disabled for Thumb-2 because it will confuse the
>    conditional insn counter.  */
> #define USE_RETURN_INSN(ISCOND)                         \
>   (TARGET_ARM ? use_return_insn (ISCOND, NULL) : 0)

My conclusion was that to fix this, we would need to first fix Thumb-2
to use RTL epilogues.  Which would certainly be a good thing.

Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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