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Andrew Pinski <> writes:

> On Thu, May 7, 2009 at 9:59 PM, Ben Elliston <> wrote:
>>> Maybe it is better to only enable the warning if the version we are
>>> compiling is the same as it is being compiled with.
>> That means you would only discover format string problems when
>> bootstrapping (unless you keep a build compiler around of the same
>> version).
>> For those developers working in cross environments, they would also have
>> to keep a native compiler of the same version installed to see the
>> warnings. ÂI think that is a poorer proposition, but that's just my 2
>> cents.
> Except if you look at the original problem is that the warnings are
> not correct for when the two compilers are not the same version.  So
> disabling the warnings for !ENABLE_CHECKING just means you don't get
> the warnings on the release branches but do get them for the trunk (if
> the two compilers are not the same version) which could confuse people
> even more than my proposal.

I think this is a valid point.  We do want to see the warnings when
bootstrapping on release branches.  So I think what we should do is: if
configured with --enable-checking=release (or --enable-checking=no),
then only issue the warnings if the compiler is being compiled by the
same version.  That will eliminate the warnings in the case where users
are most likely to see them and be confused, without hampering


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