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Re: [Patch, fortran] PR - Problems with -fwhole-file

Paul Richard Thomas wrote:
> The attached is a first step towards putting the whole file scope
> option onto a good footing.  The patch is mostly what has already been
> posted up to an improvement to the modification to allow type
> cheating,  This is fixed by producing warnings instead of errors for
> std=legacy and -fwhole-file, without pedantic.  If pedantic is set,
> errors are produced.
I wonder how to put it into the gfortran invoke.texi manual such that
users can actually find that their error (might) go away when using
-std=legacy; as long as -fwhole-file is not the default, that's not a
problem. But as the goal is to enable it by default ... (As tests have
shows, errors of this kind are extremely common; usually they are
written kind of on purpose and work on most systems.)

> The next step is to grab the backend_decls for module procedures.  I
> am working on this now.
Thanks for taking care of this. In terms of error checking, the
-fwhole-file checking found problems which otherwise only NAG f95 found!
Thanks for your fantastic work to improve diagnostics and performance at
the same time!

> Bootstrapped and regtested on FC9/x86_i64 - OK for trunk
OK; however, I wonder whether one should use an enum instead of a magic
number for the following to make the meaning more obvious

+  if (pedantic && gfc_option.flag_whole_file)
+    gfc_option.flag_whole_file = 2;

There are some further issues, which could however be fixed later; they
seem to be orthogonal to this patch. See below.

 * * *

Additionally, as Daniel Franke has pointed out: PR40011 comment 16 still
gives an ICE.

 * * *

Compiling, one gets the error:

      call cmf2kb ( lot, ido, l1, na, c, jump, inc, ch, 1, lot, wa(iw) )
Error: Type mismatch in argument 'cc' at (1); passed COMPLEX(8) to REAL(8)

That's in line with NAG f95, which prints:
   Error: cfftnd.f90, line 472: Inconsistent datatype for arg 5 in call
however, using NAG "f95 -dusty" helps while "gfortran -std=legacy" does
not help.

For completeness: g95 prints (default settings)
  Warning (155): Inconsistent types (COMPLEX(8)/REAL(8)) in actual
argument lists at (1) and (2)
while "ifort -warn all -stand f95" prints nothing.

 * * *

I get an ICE in:
==17012== Invalid read of size 8
==17012==    at 0x4FABF0: resolve_branch (resolve.c:6305)
==17012==    by 0x505670: resolve_code (resolve.c:7002)
==17012==    by 0x5059AB: gfc_resolve_blocks (resolve.c:6749)

For the following test case:

      SUBROUTINE vrfftb(m,n,r,rt,mdimr,wsave)
      DIMENSION r(mdimr,n),rt(mdimr,n),wsave(n+15)
      CALL vrftb1(m,n,r,rt,mdimr,wsave(1),wsave(n+1))

      SUBROUTINE vradb3(mp,ido,l1,cc,ch,mdimc,wa1,wa2)
      DIMENSION cc(mdimc,ido,3,l1),ch(mdimc,ido,l1,3),wa1(ido),wa2(ido)

      SUBROUTINE vrftb1(m,n,c,ch,mdimc,wa,fac)
      DIMENSION ch(mdimc,n),c(mdimc,n),wa(n),fac(15)
      DO k1 = 1,nf
         CALL vradb3(m,ido,l1,c,ch,mdimc,wa(iw),wa(ix2))
         GO TO 80
   70    CALL vradb3(m,ido,l1,ch,c,mdimc,wa(iw),wa(ix2))
   80    continue
      end do


> 2009-05-16  Paul Thomas  <>
> 	PR fortran/40011
> 	* gfortran.h : Add prototype for void gfc_errors_to_warnings.
> 	* error.c (gfc_error): If warnings_not_errors is set, produce a
> 	warning.
> 	(gfc_errors_to_warnings): New function.
> 	options.c (gfc_post_options): If pedantic and whole_file, set
> 	flag_whole_file to 2.
> 	resolve.c (not_in_recursive, not_entry_self_reference): New
> 	functions.
> 	(resolve_global_procedure): Modify conditions for resolving the
> 	procedures referenced and checking their interfaces.  Add error
> 	for missing interface or wrong rank.
> 	(gfc_resolve): Stack cs_base and flag partially resolved name
> 	spaces.
> 	trans-decl.c (gfc_get_extern_function_decl): Do not try to get
> 	backend_decls of procedures that are use associated, since they
> 	might have an explicit interface in the module.
> 2009-05-16  Paul Thomas  <>
> 	PR fortran/40011
> 	* gfortran.dg/whole_file_7.f90: New test.
> 	* gfortran.dg/whole_file_8.f90: New test.
> 	* gfortran.dg/whole_file_9.f90: New test.
> 	* gfortran.dg/whole_file_10.f90: New test.

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