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[PING] Re: [PATCH] ARM half-precision floating point, 5/8 (detect constant overflow)

Richard Guenther wrote:

If Joseph thinks this is ok the patch is ok if it passes bootstrap / testing on another target with lacking NaN/Inf support.

2009-04-15 Sandra Loosemore <>

       * fold-const.c (fold_convert_const_real_from_real): Check for

I've still been unable to set up a test machine for this locally, and I did not get a response from the spu port maintainers when I asked for testing help a few weeks ago.

Is it reasonable for me to go ahead and commit the patch anyway, with the understanding that it can be reverted and/or re-worked if it causes problems for spu? Personally, I'm confident that Joseph has a good handle on the correctness issues of this change. I'll also note that you have compile with -pedantic to get the overflow warning at all, and the patch has no effect on the value stored in the overflowing constant. So it seems very low-risk, to me.

Here's a pointer to the original patch post:


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