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Fix forwprop type-checking ICE with pointer/integer conversions

This patch fixes a type-checking "invalid types in nop conversion" ICE
on code involving converting a pointer type to a wider integer type;
forwprop decided it could use a NOP_EXPR for this conversion, but the
type checking then rejected the result; fixed by making
forward_propagate_addr_expr_1 recurse as it already would if the
address did not satisfy is_gimple_min_invariant.  The problem was
originally observed building glibc for MIPS n32 (where such
conversions arise whenever a pointer (32-bit) is passed in a register
(64-bit) to a system call); the test included with this patch should
illustrate it more generally at -O2 on 32-bit platforms.

Bootstrapped with no regressions on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu and
i686-pc-linux-gnu; I've also verified it fixes the glibc build ICE on
MIPS.  OK to commit?

2009-05-14  Joseph Myers  <>

	* tree-ssa-forwprop.c (forward_propagate_addr_expr_1): Also
	recurse on an invariant address if a conversion from a pointer
	type to a wider integer type is involved.

2009-05-14  Joseph Myers  <>

	* gcc.c-torture/compile/ptr-conv-1.c: New test.

Index: testsuite/gcc.c-torture/compile/ptr-conv-1.c
--- testsuite/gcc.c-torture/compile/ptr-conv-1.c	(revision 0)
+++ testsuite/gcc.c-torture/compile/ptr-conv-1.c	(revision 0)
@@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
+/* The intermediate conversion to __PTRDIFF_TYPE__ could be lost,
+   resulting in an "invalid types in nop conversion" ICE.  */
+long long a;
+f (void)
+  int c = 1;
+  volatile int *p = &c;
+  a = (long long) (__PTRDIFF_TYPE__) p;
+  *p;
Index: tree-ssa-forwprop.c
--- tree-ssa-forwprop.c	(revision 147537)
+++ tree-ssa-forwprop.c	(working copy)
@@ -739,7 +739,11 @@ forward_propagate_addr_expr_1 (tree name
 	 address which we cannot do in a single statement.  */
       if (!single_use_p
 	  || (!useless_type_conversion_p (TREE_TYPE (lhs), TREE_TYPE (def_rhs))
-	      && !is_gimple_min_invariant (def_rhs)))
+	      && (!is_gimple_min_invariant (def_rhs)
+		  || (INTEGRAL_TYPE_P (TREE_TYPE (lhs))
+		      && POINTER_TYPE_P (TREE_TYPE (def_rhs))
+		      && (TYPE_PRECISION (TREE_TYPE (lhs))
+			  > TYPE_PRECISION (TREE_TYPE (def_rhs)))))))
 	return forward_propagate_addr_expr (lhs, def_rhs);
       gimple_assign_set_rhs1 (use_stmt, unshare_expr (def_rhs));

Joseph S. Myers

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