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[PATCH][Ada] Use timeout for ACATS when available


On some platforms or when a patch codes wrong code ACATS tasking tests
tend to hang, Samuel Tardieu suggested the use of the "timeout" software
to solve this issue.

On debian "apt-get install timeout" will install the optionally needed
software which is otherwise part of TCT (timeout source is about one
page of C):

The following patch detects wether timeout is present
on the system and if so uses it for running ACATS tests.

After playing around 10 seconds was enough even on slow platforms (500
MHz SPARC) but for two ACATS test that were easy to fix - an oversight
during my initial work on speeding up ACATS run.

sparc v8 results:

sparc v9 were tasking is broken for some reason so most test hang
without this patch making it impossible to run ACATS:

Also tested on x86_64-linux without and with timeout installed.

Ok to commit?


2009-05-13  Laurent GUERBY  <>

	* ada/acats/run_acats: Use timeout when detected.
	* ada/acats/tests/c3/c38202a.ada: Use Impdef.
	* ada/acats/tests/c5/c59002c.ada: Likewise.

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