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Re: [PATCH] Fix FMT= with CHARACTER arrays (PR fortran/39865, take 2)

Tobias Schlüter wrote:

> Jerry DeLisle wrote:
>> Hmm, g77 does compile the following without complaint.
>>       subroutine foo (a)
>>       complex :: a(1:5,1:10)
>> c      complex :: b(:,:)
>>       write (*, fmt=a) 1
>> c      write (*, fmt=b(3,2)) 1
>>       end subroutine
>> In this case maybe give an error unless -std=legacy, since it goes
>> against all standards from f77 on, and warn otherwise. I would sure
>> hope nobody is actually using this.
>> Jakub, if you are aware of s specific user issue with all this, let us
>> know,  If not, I would like to see a hard error and be done with this.
> My take on this: we have to support Hollerith formatting for backwards
> compatibility.  But we don't have to support Hollerith formatting
> combined with Fortran 90 constructs, as we don't want new code written
> with this ugly extension. 

No standard permitted fmt= with Hollerith, and no pre-f77 compiler I used
supported fmt=.  I don't understand how you intend to support this mixture
of legacy stuff.
You've taken a policy previously about not supporting g77 extensions which
don't fit standards.  Why attempt to support something which some version
of g77 happened to accept, perhaps accidentally, when there is no clear
definition of it?

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