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Re: C++/ObjC identifiers charset conversion cleanup

"Joseph S. Myers" <> writes:

| This patch prepares identifiers handling for C++ and ObjC - except for
| the ObjC -gen-decls option - for extended identifiers.
| The ObjC changes are straightforward, and the changes to
| objc_lookup_protocol to have two full diagnostic sentences instead of
| building up a diagnostic from fragments make the code simpler as well
| as making it i18n-friendly and making it work with extended
| identifiers.  The C++ changes are more complicated.  The basic issue
| here is that the same C++ pretty printing code is used for:
| * Diagnostics (where identifiers should be translated to the locale
|   (LC_CTYPE) character set, and various English fragments used in
|   pretty printing should be translated to the locale (LC_MESSAGES)
|   language).
| * Debugging dumps (which are not generally locale-dependent, are
|   intended for GCC developers only and do not have messages marked for
|   translation, so avoiding both the above translations is best).
| * __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ (via cxx_printable_name), which must not depend
|   on the user's locale and so must also avoid these translations.
| It isn't always clear exactly which parts of the pretty-printing code
| are accessible in each case.  The approach I chose was to add a flag
| to the base pretty-printer for whether identifiers should be
| translated to the locale character set, then use it also to control
| whether English fragments are translated to the locale language; then
| only a limited number of places that initialize a pretty-printer for
| non-diagnostics purposes need to change (and some of those places need
| versions for both diagnostics and non-diagnostics uses).

I think the flag is effectively the way to go.  Hopefully, we don't or
won't forget to set it in the appropriate circumstances.

| The following areas outside of cpplib still need to be fixed for
| extended identifiers: C -aux-info, ObjC -gen-decls, identifiers
| handling in gcc/config/, use of DW_AT_use_UTF8 in DWARF-3 debug info
| for compilation units built with extended identifiers enabled.
| Bootstrapped with no regressions on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu,
| including Obj-C++.  OK to commit?

Yes, thanks!

-- Gaby

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