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Re: [ping 3] New port: Toshiba Media Processor (mep-elf)

You have a file xm-mep.h.  xm- files are almost never needed now, even if 
you support hosting the compiler on this processor.

The host-side files need to have the normal GPLv3 notice, not GPLv2.  
Target files need GPLv3+exception.  Any file over 10 lines needs copyright 
and license notices.  Unless this version of really was finished in 
2005, more recent years are needed in the notice; likewise other files.

You have a (buggy) stdint.h file but nothing to use it.  Remove any unused 

As previously discussed I think the source for the CGEN CPU description 
needs to be included, even if maintained elsewhere, when files generated 
from it are included.

When diagnostics use %s with an argument that is a call to 
IDENTIFIER_POINTER, use %E without the IDENTIFIER_POINTER call; I'm in the 
process of cleaning this up generally in the compiler to support extended 
identifiers; if the contents of an identifier that might be an arbitrary 
identifier from the user program can reach a diagnostic call, other than 
through IDENTIFIER_POINTER appearing directly in the call, that also needs 
to use %E, or identifier_to_locale if it's an arbitrary string not 
necessarily from an identifier (example: parse_cr_set appears to send an 
arbitrary string from either an identifier or a user string to a 
diagnostic, and needs to call identifier_to_locale on that string).

When diagnostics use `%s', use %qs instead, or %qE in place of `%E'; for 
other `' uses in diagnostics, use %< and %> for LC_CTYPE-aware quotes, as 
elsewhere in the compiler.

Joseph S. Myers

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