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[lto] Remove dead code, clean-up formatting, add documentation

I'm working on fixing the LTO testsuite and in the process I've
found several cleanup opportunities that I will be flushing out
over the next few days.

The patch is large but introduces no functional changes, it
merely removes dead code, cleans up formatting, adds
documentation, etc.

I will first deal with the easy cleanups.  There will be more
refactoring patches as I work through the testsuite.

Tested on x86_64.


2009-05-08  Diego Novillo  <>

        * lto-function-out.c (field_decl_is_local): Remove.
        Update all users.
        (type_decl_is_local): Remove.  Update all users.
        * lto-function-in.c: Include ipa-utils.h.
        Re-order static functions to avoid some forward references.
        Cleanup formatting and comments throughout.
        Add documentation for every function.
        (input_expr_operand): Call get_base_var when
        post-processing ADDR_EXPR nodes.
        (input_tree_operand): Likewise.
        * lto-cgraph.c: Cleanup formatting and comments throughout.
        * lto-tree-in.h (struct): Likewise.
        * lto-tree-tags.def: Call MAP_EXPR_TAG for FIELD_DECL and
        * lto-tags.h (enum LTO_tags): Remove LTO_field_decl1.
        Rename LTO_field_decl0 to LTO_field_decl.
        Remove LTO_type_decl1.
        Rename LTO_type_decl0 to LTO_type_decl.
        Remove LTO_local_type_ref.
        Rename LTO_global_type_ref to LTO_type_ref.
        Update all users.
        * (lto-function-in.o): Add dependency on

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