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Re: [vta] var-tracking VTA "rewrite"

On May  8, 2009, Alexandre Oliva <> wrote:

> for  gcc/ChangeLog.vta
> from  Alexandre Oliva  <>

Erhm...  I'd cleaned up the patch a bit, removing some code I'd added
for other experiments but that wasn't useful any more, re-tested it, but
failed to save the updated ChangeLog.  Here's the correct ChangeLog

2009-05-08  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* cfgexpand.c (expand_debug_expr): Use Pmode in CONST_STRINGs.
	* var-tracking.c (struct variable_tracking_info_def): Added
	permp and flooded fields.
	(dv_is_decl_p): Update comments.
	(variable_htab_eq): Use #if ENABLE_CHECKING.
	(var_reg_decl_set): Update comments.  Add iopt parameter.
	(var_reg_set): Pass it INSERT as iopt.
	(var_mem_decl_set): Update comments.  Add iopt parameter.
	(var_mem_set): Pass it INSERT as iopt.
	(val_store): Pass INSERT as iopt.
	(val_reset): New.  Pass NO_INSERT as iopt.  Split out of...
	(val_resolve): ... this.  Avoid dump crash when not given insn.
	Pass INSERT as iopt.
	(variable_union): Take advantage of canonical order in 1-part
	variables.  Use XDELETEVEC.
	(insert_into_intersection): Update comments.  Rename parameter.
	Maintain canonical order.
	(intersect_loc_chains): Take value and location chain rather than
	DVAR.  Don't insert self.
	(merge_with_missing_1pdv_as_union): Remove.
	(tie_break_pointers, canon_value_cmp): New.
	(loc_cmp, canonicalize_loc_order_check): New.
	(canonicalize_values_mark, canonicalize_values_star): New.
	(variable_merge_over_cur): Renamed from variable_merge, combined
	with variable_merge3.  Reimplemented to perform union of
	multi-part variables and intersection and progressive
	canonicalization of 1-part ones.
	(variable_merge_over_src): Renamed from variable_merge2.
	Simplified to perform only union of multi-part variables.
	(dataflow_set_merge): Use new entry points.
	(dataflow_set_equiv_regs, remove_duplicate_values): New.
	(struct dfset_post_merge): Drop old.  Add permp.
	(variable_post_merge_new_vals): New.
	(variable_post_merge): Removed.
	(struct dataflow_set_unavailable): Removed.
	(remove_unavailable_values): Removed.
	(dataflow_set_remove_unavailable): Removed.
	(variable_post_merge_perm_vals): New.
	(dataflow_post_merge_adjust): Create new values, merge permanent
	values, then canonicalize equivalence sets.
	(dataflow_set_remove_mem_locs): Mark as changed when cur_loc is
	(onepart_variable_different_p): New.
	(variable_different_p): Use it.
	(replace_expr_with_values): Use Pmode for addresses.
	(compute_bb_dataflow): Pass INSERT as iopt.  Canonicalize register,
	value equivalence sets, and canonical order.
	(vt_find_locations): Rework convergence function used for 1-part
	variables.  Control more verbose dump output with
	(variable_was_changed): Mark newly-created empty variable with
	zero refcount.
	(set_slot_part): Insert in canonical order on 1-part vars.
	(set_variable_part): Add iopt parameter.  Update comments.
	(clobber_slot_part): New, factored out of...
	(clobber_variable_part): ... this.
	(delete_slot_part): New, factored out of...
	(delete_variable_part): ... this.
	(emit_note_insn_var_location): Remove variable only if
	refcount is zero.
	(emit_notes_in_bb): Pass INSERT for iopt.  Remove obsolete code.
	(vt_add_function_parameters): Pass INSERT for iopt.
	(vt_initialize): Initialize permp and flooded.
	(vt_finalize): Release permp.

Alexandre Oliva, freedom fighter
You must be the change you wish to see in the world. -- Gandhi
Be Free! --   FSF Latin America board member
Free Software Evangelist      Red Hat Brazil Compiler Engineer

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