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Re: [PATCH][Ada] Add option to gnatlink to fix gnat.dg on some platforms

On Thu, 2009-05-07 at 20:47 +0200, Eric Botcazou wrote:
> > Under what scenario? For the compiler after the first install:
> >
> > ln -sf ...install...cc1
> So, in the end, you're not really installing the new compiler, are you?  Fixed 
> header files, startup objects, multiple libgccs, etc.

>From your own words: "This would hugely slow down the
debug-recompile-test cycle of the compiler."

If you need to be recompiling libgcc to chase your problem install cost
will be relatively a small part of the recompile time especially if you
have multiple libgcc or other libraries involved.

If you're zeroing on a bug involving only the compiler the additional
cost to install is paid only once, after the first it's exactly zero
with the ln trick.

But anyway there's enough opposition to change so it's not useful
to continue this discussion. My point is that I was not patching
this stuff for fun, just adding to the cost of this mess by
necessity :).


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