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Re: [PATCH][Ada] Add option to gnatlink to fix gnat.dg on some platforms

On Thu, 2009-05-07 at 12:45 +0100, Dave Korn wrote:
> Laurent GUERBY wrote:
> > What we want if a way to turn off the following behaviour:
> > 
> > "If the compiler executable is different from the default one (gcc or
> > <prefix>-gcc), then the back-end switches in the ALI file are not used
> > to compile the binder generated source."
>   Perhaps it would work if we changed its idea of the "default" compiler to
> include any found through a -B option?  That would resolve the bootstrapping
> issue (well, I assume there are -B options passed during building the ada
> stuff, I haven't actually verified that statement).

May be I'm missing something but the issue is not bootstrap but check

> > As an alternative I can add a switch, eg something like
> > "--from-ali" (anyone with a better name?) which when present changes the
> > behaviour of --GCC in the same way that --XCC from my original patch
> > does.
>   Or even unconditionally disable the behaviour if any -B option is present.
> It's not an everyday thing to use and it might be reasonable to infer that the
> user is doing something special and doesn't need the compiler trying to
> second-guess them.

I used a safe approach of having a small source code change and no
existing behaviour change. As I said I don't know why the existing
behaviour is in place and I've not the slightest idea on how it's
possible to validate a change of existing semantics in released tools.


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