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[PATCH][Ada] Add option to gnatlink to fix gnat.dg on some platforms


As discussed with Eric here:

And recently mentionned again in the context of mips-linux the work on
Ada multilib showed a weakness on the way gnatlink offers control on its
uses of gcc to compile the binder generated file and link the
executable: currently the system gcc will be used instead of the just
built gcc for gnat.dg testing which breaks platforms where the
system gcc is not close enough to the built gcc (and with time this
means all systems).

The following is a patch to trunk to add an option to gnatlink dedicated
to solving this specific issue.

Tested on x86_64-linux:

(And soon on mispel-linux.)

There might be better ways to solve this annoying issue, I'm open to


2009-05-07  Laurent GUERBY <>

	* gnatlink.adb: Add --XCC= option to gnatlink.
	* gnat_ugn.texi: Document gnatlink --XCC=.

	* lib/gnat.exp: Use gnatlink --XCC=.

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