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Re: [patch] Enable plugin tests only when the build and the host systems are the same

On Wed, May 6, 2009 at 4:12 PM, Joseph S. Myers <> wrote:
> On Wed, 6 May 2009, Le-Chun Wu wrote:
>> +# The plugin testcases currently only work when
>> +# ? 1. the build tree is available,
>> +# ? 2. the host supports plugins,
>> +# ? 3. the build system and the host system are the same (because we use
>> +# ? ? ?HOSTCC to build plugins in the tests while gcc was built with the build
>> +# ? ? ?CC).
> This is confused. ?GCC was built with the host compiler, not the build
> compiler. ?It's always a compiler running on the host, built with the host
> compiler, that is being tested as it generates code for the target.


Thanks for the explanation. I think I was indeed (and still am) confused. :-)

So in a canadian cross compilation, when I do a "make check" in the
build tree on the build system, I would have thought the GCC being
tested was built with the build compiler, not the host compiler. Is it
right? (But even in that case, HOSTCC, which is set to the build
compiler, is also the one that's used to build GCC, so the new check
that I added in this patch is not necessary.) I think the only case
where this patch makes sense is when running "make check" on the host
system while the build tree was created on the build system. In that
case, GCC was built with the build compiler and HOSTCC is set to the
host compiler, and this patch will prevent the plugin tests from being
executed. But will this case ever happen? (i.e. Is it even allowed to
run "make check" on the host with a GCC built on the build system?) Or
maybe I am totally clueless. :-)


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