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Re: [plugins] RFA: Merge plugins into mainline [5/5 - testsuite]

On Wed, 2009-05-06 at 11:34 -0400, Diego Novillo wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 17:10, Janis Johnson <> wrote:
> > I'd prefer a different mechanism to list the files for each test and
> > the list of tests itself, but this is OK, I'll take a closer look at
> > that later.
> Thanks.  Perhaps a way would be to create two arrays?  One with all
> the plugin themselves using the naming convention 'plugin-<name>-*.c'
> the other with 'plugin-<name>-test-*.c'.  The second array would have
> a list of files in each location.  The loop just needs to go down both
> arrays in lockstep.

No, I was thinking more of finding the main test files as is done
in other directories, and then within each test having the list of
other files used in that test, kind of like dg-additional-sources
but with them compiled separately.  I plan to take a look at that
but have been distracted by lots of other work lately.

> I'm not quite sure how to code that in tcl, but I bet it's gross.

My plan would be less gross, and make it easier to add new tests.


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