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PATCH, middle-end: fix semantic bug in dse.c

This bug (manifested as an ICE) was found when building an x86_64 Linux
kernel using a powerpc64-x-x86_64 cross-compiler.

The function all_positions_needed_p can receive a width argument of -1,
when check_mem_read_rtx is called on a BLKmode mem.
all_positions_needed_p calls lowpart_bitmask with a value of -1.
lowpart_bitmask does this:

  return mask >> (HOST_BITS_PER_WIDE_INT - n);

We shift right by HOST_BITS_PER_WIDE_INT + 1, which relies on undefined
behaviour.  On a native x86_64 configuration, this works by chance
(returning 0).  On a powerpc64 cross x86_64 configuration, it does not,
because `anything & 0 == 0' is always true:

(gdb) p/x lowpart_bitmask (65)			# x86_64 native
$214 = 0x1
(gdb) p/x lowpart_bitmask (65)			# powerpc64-x-x86_64
$230 = 0x0

I believe this patch is the right fix.  Tested with a bootstrap on
x86_64-linux (with BOOT_CFLAGS=-O2 and -Os), a regression test run on
x86_64-linux and powerpc64-linux, and a complete comparison of all Linux
kernel objects built with the cross compiler.

I have a regression test case which I will also commit if this patch is
okay.  Okay for mainline?

2009-05-05  Ben Elliston  <>

        * dse.c (all_positions_needed_p): Return 0 when width == -1.

Index: dse.c
--- dse.c       (revision 147137)
+++ dse.c       (working copy)
@@ -1269,8 +1269,14 @@
-      unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT mask = lowpart_bitmask (width) << start;
-      return (s_info->positions_needed.small_bitmask & mask) == mask;
+      unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT mask;
+      if (width == -1)
+       return 0;
+      else
+       {
+         mask = lowpart_bitmask (width) << start;
+         return (s_info->positions_needed.small_bitmask & mask) == mask;
+       }

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