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Re: Miscellaneous identifiers charset conversion cleanup

"Joseph S. Myers" <> writes:

| This patch makes identifiers handling in the language and target
| independent parts of the compiler allow for extended identifiers and
| translate them to the locale character set as appropriate (presuming
| that UTF-8 is always OK for assembly output and debugging dumps).
| Some representative tests are added, including verifying that
| -ffunction-sections and -fdata-sections work with extended
| identifiers.


| I decided that when toplev.c announces functions to stderr this should
| count as diagnostics rather than debugging dumps, and be converted to
| the locale character set.
| (Not all changes from %qs to %qE are in places where extended
| identifiers can actually occur, but it still seems cleanest to reduce
| the number of direct IDENTIFIER_POINTER calls and use the %E format
| rather than %s for identifiers.)
| Bootstrapped with no regressions on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.  OK to
| commit?

Yes, thanks.

-- Gaby

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