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Re: [power7-meissner, committed] Make vector unsigned builtins type correct

On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 10:25 PM, Michael Meissner
<> wrote:
> I spent some fixing up the builtin functions so that the internal tree is type
> correct, and survives the gimple type checking that was just enabled. ?It
> doesn't fix all of the bugs that type checking has found, but this patch
> reduces the vectorization failures by about 20 cases.
> Because this patch depends on all of the infrastructure I've developed for the
> power7, it will not apply at all to the mainline. ?The power7 stuff is ready
> for submission, so I will not be back porting these changes to the mainline,
> unless it appears it will take awhile to get the total power7 patches approved
> (for example if a condition of the slush being lifted is that the power
> regressions go away).
> I will be putting a call for other powerpc users to try my branch to make sure
> I haven't broken things in parts of the compiler I don't test on the gcc
> mailing list shortly.

I think we should start thinking about not producing too many "standard"
builtin function calls from the vectorizer but instead invent new tree codes
for common stuff (like for example a generic vector permute/select operation).
That would be a type generic solution and expand can then directly handle
them.  That would avoid the need to create the variants for signedness
or int/float kind for the builtins at least.

OTOH your fix is certainly valid.


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