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Re: [patch][plugins] Check the gcc version

On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 5:29 PM, Le-Chun Wu <> wrote:
> The bootstrap failure on the Darwin systems was caused by the
> following warning/error:
> ./plugin-version.h:11: error: 'gcc_version' defined but not used
> The sole use of gcc_version in plugin.c is in function
> try_init_one_plugin, which is guarded by the macro ENABLE_PLUGIN.
> Since ENABLE_PLUGIN is set to 0 on the Darwin systems, the function
> was compiled out. Rafael, I think we need to guard the inclusion of
> plugin-version.h with ENABLE_PLUGIN as well.

Actually why is ENABLE_PLUGIN 0 on Darwin, it has dlopen and support
shared libraries?  Really I think the way plugins are done are
incorrect, we should produce a which then the plugins
are linked to.  This will allow plugin support for both Darwin and
Windows easier and help with the versioning issue too.  Darwin support
will just work then as Darwin as dlopen (it has also this thing called
modules which seems like what -rdynamic does too but really module
support is deprecated the last time I looked).

Andrew Pinski

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