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Re: [patch][plugins] Check the gcc version

On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 14:56, Rafael Espindola <> wrote:

> Fixed patch attached.
> 2009-04-28  Rafael Avila de Espindola  <>
>        * (PLUGIN_VERSION_H): New.
>        (OBJS-common): Remove plugin-version.o.
>        (plugin.o): Depend on (PLUGIN_VERSION_H).
>        (plugin-version.o): Remove.
>        * configure: Regenerate
>        * Create plugin-version.h.
>        * gcc-plugin.h (plugin_gcc_version): Remove.
>        (plugin_default_version_check): Change signature.
>        * plugin-version.c: Remove.
>        * plugin.c: Include plugin-version.h.
>        (str_plugin_gcc_version_name): Remove.
>        (try_init_one_plugin): Pass gcc version to plugin_init.
>        (plugin_default_version_check): Both gcc and plugin versions are now
>        arguments.


> --- a/gcc/configure
> +++ b/gcc/configure

Minor nit: No need to include generated files in patches.

This needs changes in the testsuite patch, right?  I'll take care of
it on my local patch before I submit it to mainline.


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