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Re: [PATCH] Fix bootstrap fail on spu vs. ira.c/genpreds

Dave Korn wrote:
Hello all,

As discussed on the main list earlier today[*], there is currently an implicit assumption in ira.c that every backend implements at least one define_register_constraint; when the backend doesn't, genpreds does not output any definition for regclass_for_constraint and then ira.c (which refers to it unguarded) fails to link.


	* ira.c (setup_cover_and_important_classes):  Use safe macro
	REG_CLASS_FOR_CONSTRAINT instead of calling regclass_for_constraint
	* genpreds.c (write_tm_preds_h):  Output suitable definition of

  The attached patch fixes the reported bug according to Revital; I'm putting
it through a bootstrap right now (all languages except for Ada), on
i686-pc-cygwin, which is a platform that won't hit the new code paths, so can
I skip running the testsuites?  Ok for trunk?

This patch is also needed for the moxie port, should anybody be looking at reviewing it before this fix goes in.



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