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Re: RFA: libtool.m4

2009/4/27 Ralf Wildenhues <>:
> Hello Kai,
> * Kai Tietz wrote on Sat, Apr 25, 2009 at 10:00:40PM CEST:
>> In the libtool.m4 in function _LT_CHECK_MAGIC_METHOD the current check
>> for mingw doesn't treat the x64 proper.
>> It checks for 'file_magic file format pei*-i386(.*architecture:
>> i386)?', what is right for 32-bit mingw, but for 64-bit version this
>> string needs to be changed to something like 'file_magic file format
>> pei*(.*architecture: i386)?'
>> Possibly you could find a solution for this (and possibly we could
>> backport it to 4.4.1, too)?
> I cannot find a solution for this as I don't have access to a w64 box,
> but I can help you so we can fix this together. ?The current git version
> of Libtool has at least one w64-specific patch over 2.2.6a, maybe that
> is already sufficient?
> <>
> Here's how you can test whether current Libtool is good enough for w64:
> Grab the git sources of Libtool, or a nightly snapshot tarball from the
> Libtool homepage, configure and build it on a w64 system, run the test
> suites as described in the README file and report all failures to the
> bug-libtool list. ?After fixing them we can go back to GCC.
> Whether to backport things is a question to address after we've found a
> solution (and it's only partly mine to answer).
> Cheers,
> Ralf

Hello Ralf,

I did the libtool testsuite run for w64 target and found no serious
issues (as I expected). But the underlying issue isn't tested in the
suite at all my initial post is pointing on. The problem is that the
pattern used (and so also in libtool itself) for detection if a dll
(windows shared object) is generated is wrong.

in aclocal.m4 there is the line
'lt_cv_deplibs_check_method='file_magic file format
pei*-i386(.*architecture: i386)?'
which doesn't fit for 64-bit dlls.
lt_cv_deplibs_check_method='file_magic file format
pei*-(i386|x86_64)(.*architecture: i386)?'

If you are interest in the testrun files, please tell me. I can sent
them to you.

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