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PATCH, hppa: simplify runtime build

This patch was developed to solve a problem encountered when trying to
build a hppa-linux cross compiler.  The requirement on the system
errno.h is a bit onerous for just a few defines (and as I understand it,
they are the same on 32- and 64-bit systems).

I'm unable to test this patch natively as I do not have access to a
PA-RISC system.  Dave, would you mind testing it with a bootstrap?

Thanks, Ben

2009-04-28  Ben Elliston  <>

        * config/pa/linux-atomic.c: Eliminate conditional include of
        errno.h on non-LP64 systems to simplify build requirements.

Index: gcc/config/pa/linux-atomic.c
--- gcc/config/pa/linux-atomic.c        (revision 146867)
+++ gcc/config/pa/linux-atomic.c        (working copy)
@@ -24,14 +24,9 @@ a copy of the GCC Runtime Library Except
 see the files COPYING3 and COPYING.RUNTIME respectively.  If not, see
 <>.  */
-/* FIXME: work around build failure for hppa64-linux-gnu target. */
-#ifndef _LP64
-#include <errno.h>
 #define EFAULT  14 
 #define EBUSY   16
 #define ENOSYS 251 
 /* All PA-RISC implementations supported by linux have strongly
    ordered loads and stores.  Only cache flushes and purges can be

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