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Re: [RFA] expand from SSA form (1/2)


A patch in the last 24 hours has caused a mis-optimization on PowerPC.
 The error appears as a failure while compiling libobjc/linking.m.

A function in cgraphunit.c is being mis-compiled, probably
build_cdtor().  This causes cgraph_build_static_cdtor() to be called
with an invalid priority of "-1", instead of 65535.  The priority
should not be negative.  This negative priority value generates an
invalid global file function name:


A function name should not contain a minus sign, which is a syntax
error.  Recompiling cgarphunit.c without optimization fixes the

Darwin displays a similar error earlier in bootstrap.

Jakub tested his patch on PowerPC and Geoff's tester failed before
Honza's patch, so the "expand from SSA" patch appears to be the likely

Both Darwin and AIX are bootstrapping in 32 bit mode.  Richi suggested
on IRC that this may be related to some known CONST_INT issue for
which you already have a patch.

Thanks, David

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