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Re: [Patch, fortran] Runtime memory leak checking.

Hi Paul,

>>> I just updated the memleak patch to current trunk, since I
>>> incidentally found some use for it lately and wanted to try it.
>>> Up to now I basically just re-diffed it (repairing some failed hunks)
>>> and fixed some indentation problems reported by Mikael, but maybe I'll
>>> be working some more on this soon. Seems like the patch may be almost
>>> ready to go into trunk, I guess?
> It is... up to the legal problem which was brought up when it was last
> discussed. ?I have to sya that I find this to be incredible but it
> seems that there is a real question concerning the use of libiberty in
> libgfortran!

Ok ... I was not aware of this issue at all! Does this mean the whole
patch needs to be reworked?

> As for the other issues, I have not looked into them because of the
> resounding lack of interest in this patch.

Actually, I'd be very interested in this. I think it's a really nice
feature. And especially since we already have this almost-ready patch,
we should not let it rot away silently, but try to get it into trunk
soon. I'm surely willing to help out with fixing some of the
outstanding issues and testing the patch (in addition to my PPC work).


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