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Re: [Patch, Fortran] PR 39735: procedure pointer assignments: return value is not checked

Hi Janus,

Janus Weil wrote:
>> Additionally, I have the feeling that gfortran will leak memory if
>> resolve_intrinsic is called multiple times for the same proc pointer
>> due to gfc_copy_formal_args not freeing the memory, but I might have
>> overlooked something.
> Well, good point. I admit, I haven't checked if and under which
> circumstances it will be called more than once, but this surely might
> happen. I modified resolve_intrinsic to only call
> gfc_copy_formal_args_intr if the formal arg list is not present yet.
> This should prevent any memory leaks.
I think the patch is OK - I pondered especially about that part and I
failed to get it fail.

 * * *

Related to checking but unrelated to your patch: I think the following
program is valid but it is rejected by gfortran (4.1 to 4.4 + patched
4.5). It works with NAG f95, g95, ifort, openf95 and sunf95:

real function func()
 func = 42.0
end function func

program test
  external func  ! subroutine or implicitly typed real function
  call sub(func) ! Error: Type/rank mismatch in argument 'a'
  subroutine sub(a)
   real, external :: a
   print *, a(0.4)
  end subroutine sub


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