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Re: [C/C++] PR 13358 long long and C++ do not mix well

Manuel López-Ibáñez wrote:

> After fixing the C testsuite to distinguish between errors and
> warnings, I have the completely opposite opinion. If one wants to
> change an error text, it is better to have as much text as possible to
> do a find + sed and replace everything in one go. If one does not have
> any text, a logic change can start producing nonsense and no one will
> notice.

There is an intermediate position between just:

  // { dg-error "" }

which matches anything, and which I agree is sloppy (though I added
plenty such tests over the years) and putting the entire text there.
It's generally possible to pick out a few key words from the error
message ("invalid overload" or "does not match" or "private" or some
such) that are the important part of the error message.

> Nonetheless, you are the maintainer, so if you want me to cut the test
> pattern, tell me what I should match and I will update the patch.

I'm not going to make you change a perfectly good patch just for this.
But, unless Jason/Nathan indicate otherwise, I'd appreciate it if for
future patches you take a more circumspect approach.


Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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