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Re: [PATCH] ARM half-precision floating point, 5/8 (detect constant overflow)

Richard Guenther wrote:
On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 12:23 AM, Sandra Loosemore
<> wrote:
This patch adds some logic to detect overflow on compile-time
constant conversions between floating-point formats.  There's nothing
specific to half-precision here, but the main thing it's intended to
catch is overflows in conversions to formats that can't represent
infinities -- specifically, the ARM alternative half-precision

Can you test this on another architecture which lacks support for NaNs or Infs? I seem to remember that the Cell SPU at least lacks them for floats(?).

How does the C frontend react to TREE_OVERFLOW set on
constant initializers (which we are allowed to accept?).

If Joseph thinks this is ok the patch is ok if it passes
bootstrap / testing on another target with lacking NaN/Inf support.

It looks like carrying out this level of testing would be a non-trivial amount of effort. I have discovered that, while we do in fact have some Cell hardware at CodeSourcery, we've never tried to build or test an SPU compiler before. And, as far as I can tell, the GNU SPU tools treat this as a bare-metal/ELF/newlib target; can you even bootstrap GCC on this machine at all?

Perhaps the SPU port maintainers can provide some assistance here, or comment on what they'd consider appropriate testing for this patch? In particular, note that this is a change to compile-time behavior only; it causes some additional overflow cases to be detected and warned about when you compile with -pedantic. So I'm not sure, exactly, what the point of doing execution testing or a full bootstrap would be.

Also.... it appears that the only other floating-point formats without NaN/Inf support that GCC knows about are the various VAX formats, and we don't have hardware to test that at CodeSourcery, either.


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