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Re: [C/C++] PR 13358 long long and C++ do not mix well

Manuel López-Ibáñez wrote:
> PING2:

> +/* Issue an ISO C++98 pedantic warning MSGID.  This function is supposed to
> +   be used for matters that are allowed in ISO C++0x but not supported in
> +   ISO C++98, thus we explicitly don't pedwarn when ISO c++0x is specified.  */

This comment needs work.  The parameter is GMSGID.  There are two other
parameters not mentioned.  The ", thus" is a run-on sentence.  "is
supposed to be" is inappropriate in an interface specification.  Please
replace the last two sentences with:

  Use this function to report diagnostics for constructs that are
invalid C++98, but valid C++0x.

and document the other parameters.

OK with that change.

It's in no way material to this patch, but I wish you would not put so
much of the error text into test-cases.  I realize that you feel it's
important to test the exact message, but I feel that this just creates a
disincentive to make small changes to improve the text of a message.


Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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