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PATCH: new port: Moxie

Please find attached for review a new backend for the moxie processor.  
The binutils portion of this port has already been accepted and merged  
into binutils:                                                          
The relevant config.sub bits have already migrated into the GCC         
repository from upstream.                                               
The moxie processor is referred to as 'ggx' on the GCC GettingStarted   
wiki page, here:                

One accepted, I would like to continue maintaining the moxie port       
within the FSF repository.  I already have write-after-approval access  
under my alter-ego:                                   
Current test results are as follows:                                    
             === gcc Summary ===                                        
 # of expected passes                49255                              
 # of unexpected failures               79                              
 # of unexpected successes               4                              
 # of expected failures                 66                              
 # of unresolved testcases               1                              
 # of unsupported tests                595                              
             === g++ Summary ===                                        
 # of expected passes                18299                              
 # of unexpected failures              265                              
 # of expected failures                141                              
 # of unresolved testcases               4                              
 # of unsupported tests                193                              
Thank you,                                                              
Anthony Green                                                           

2009-04-17  Anthony Green  <>                       

        * config/moxie/crti.asm: New file.                              
        * config/moxie/crtn.asm: New file.                              
        * config/moxie/moxie.c: New file.                               
        * config/moxie/moxie.h: New file.                               
        * config/moxie/moxie-protos.h: New file.                        
        * config/moxie/t-moxie: New file.                               
        * config/moxie/ New file.                              
        * config.gcc: Add moxie support.                                
        * MAINTAINERS: Add myself as moxie port maintainer.             

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