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[Ada] Fix problem in assigning global variables with address clauses

The code for array assignment assumed that two library level objects
cannot overlap, but that's wrong if either of them has an address

Consider the following example:

with System.Storage_Elements;
procedure ACopy (Source, Target : System.Address;
                  Byte_Count : Natural) is

     package Sse renames System.Storage_Elements;

     Count : constant Sse.Storage_Count
               := Sse.Storage_Count (Byte_Count);

     subtype Chunk is Sse.Storage_Array (1 .. Count);

     Source_Chunk : Chunk;
     pragma Import (Ada, Source_Chunk);
     for Source_Chunk'Address use Source;

     Target_Chunk : Chunk;
     pragma Import (Ada, Target_Chunk);
     for Target_Chunk'Address use Target;

     use type System.Address;
     use type System.Storage_Elements.Storage_Offset;

     -- It is assumed that address wrapping is not an issue.
     -- We are not copying bytes either from or to
     -- a region that includes (or even abuts) address 0.

        Target_Chunk := Source_Chunk;
end ACopy;

If this is compiled with -S -gnatdt -O2, the tree output should not
have Forwards_OK or Backwards_OK referenced anywhere and the asm file
should show that a memmove is being generated rather than a memcpy.

Tested on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, committed on trunk

2009-04-17  Robert Dewar  <>

	* exp_ch5.adb (Expand_Assign_Array): Do not set Forwards_OK and
	Backwards_OK if either operand has an address clause.

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