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[PATCH sh] Fix thinko in FUNCTION_VALUE

I found this by inspection in config/sh/sh.h.

The call to sh_promote_prototypes is wrong, and this could lead to subtle
bugs for functions using attribute renesas.

Ok for mainline?


2009-04-17  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	* config/sh/sh.h (FUNCTION_VALUE): Fix call to sh_promote_prototypes.

Index: gcc/config/sh/sh.h
--- gcc/config/sh/sh.h  (branch promote-function-mode)
+++ gcc/config/sh/sh.h  (working copy)
@@ -1743,7 +1743,7 @@ extern enum reg_class regno_reg_class[FI
                 || TREE_CODE (VALTYPE) == BOOLEAN_TYPE                 \
                 || TREE_CODE (VALTYPE) == REAL_TYPE                    \
                 || TREE_CODE (VALTYPE) == OFFSET_TYPE))                \
-             && sh_promote_prototypes (VALTYPE)                                \
+             && sh_promote_prototypes (FUNC)                           \
            ? (TARGET_SHMEDIA64 ? DImode : SImode) : TYPE_MODE (VALTYPE)), \

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